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                                          Grand Knight                      Financial Secretary

                                          Greg Thorpe                                      Jack Dalgleish

                                          2610 S. College Hills Dr.                  1968 Fox Trails Le.

                                          Hanover, IN. 47243                         Madison, IN. 47250

                                          Ph. 812-599-1914                           Ph. 812-274-0437

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Coming events


May 7—Stations of the Cross

May 7 First Friday meal

May 10– Fourth Degree meeting

May 12-business meeting

May 14-2nd Friday meal


The meeting agenda is 6:30 PM Rosary, 7:00 Meeting. We need the spiritual side as well as the practical. Knight of the month is Bob Schafer, Family of the month is
Donn and Carol Lorton.

End of Month meals

April 24th is the next meal program. Contact either Benny Kelly 812-265-4399 or Mark Cheatham 812-801-1175 for information if you would like to help. Many hands make short work of the delivery time spent. 

Corporate Communion

There is a strong possibility that we could once again have a corporate Communion on May 29th at the 6:00 PM Mass.  We can hope.  If there’s a change, we’ll let you know.


It’s that time of the year now. Jack has sent out notices to the remaining  8 members who have misplaced their dues notices.  Let’s get the dues in, guys.


Rick Weafer, our District Deputy died on Holy Thursday, April 1st. He had been battling lung cancer. May his soul and the souls of all our Faithful Departed rest in peace.

Friday meals

May 7—Pork roast cutlets

May 14—Swiss Steak

All meals are complete with side dishes, desserts, and non-alcoholic drinks.  The bar is open to obtain alcoholic beverages.

29 years

Bob Schafer is marking his 29th year as Chairman of the Stations of the Cross First Friday devotions.


Literally, at the last moment, we answered the call from Morgan and Nay for pallbearers for our parishioner  Dr. Nancy Margaret Davis McDonaldWe had one day’s notice.  We got a letter out and Nick Schultz, Bill Andrews, Mark Goley, D. J. Mote, and William Craig answered the call. Thanks for the help.

Good Friday Fish Fry

The fish fry on Good Friday was well attended by 146 adults and 9 children. Social distancing was observed.


You can find it at this address.  If you have misplaced the way to use it, reach out to the parish office, they will be able to help you. It is a subscription website.

Thanks to the parishioner who donated the subscription fee to the parish for our use. The site is also available in Spanish for the Spanish speaking.

I was skeptical at first when I was informed of the website the parish is using to promote our faith. But after several weeks of use. I’m sold on it.

I particularly am impressed by the two forms of the Holy Rosary, the Traditional Rosary, and the Vin Scully version. Vin is a sportscaster and leads a group praying in the traditional way. It does include the Luminous Mysteries which is not in the Traditional Rosary.

The difference is that in the Traditional Rosary the leader does both jobs of leading the prayer and responding. But an even bigger difference is that this Rosary uses pictures during the recitation of the prayers. Both presentations take time to explain something about the decade they are leading.

So if you like to see nice religious pictures illustrating each decade then choose to use the Traditional. I use both in my daily devotions. Each rendition takes about 25 minutes to complete the particular Mystery.

What would be nice is if we could establish a central point that you could report to so that we might be able to report that we had  X amount of members praying the Rosary daily for the month.  How about it? If you want to participate let me know and I’ll start recording your responses.

25 minutes of your time daily, think of the benefits to you and whoever you’re praying for.

Field Agents

Tim Catalano

Field Agent

Knights of Columbus

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


438 N State Road 101,

Milan, IN 47031.


The website of the McGivney Guild is has been elevated to the title of Venerable so he is one step closer to Sainthood.

The Indiana State Council website is at

The website for the Supreme Council is:

The Prince of Peace website is at


 pray for

Pray for our servicemen and women, first responders, and especially the men and women of the hospitals who have put up such a fight for our lives.

Bless the pharmaceutical industry for their speedy response to the pandemic. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Please use your mask when interacting with your friends.