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Prince of Peace Catholic Church

            Prince of Peace Catholic Church is an accumulation of the Catholic Culture in Jefferson County.  We celebrate Mass on Saturday evening and three times on Sunday. Our noon Mass is the Hispanic Mass and is located at St. Patrick Chapel.

            In 1851, under German hands, the walls were built and the church was put under roof.  This magnificent building was dedicated to The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Later it affectionately became known as St. Mary’s Church. 

          In the beginning, things were not as they are now.  This wonderful old church had very humble beginnings.  The first six years are described as arduous and meager.  In 1865, Fr. Leonard Brandt took the helm and the situation started to improve.  Aided by a more generous portion of the congregation, the wooden steps in the front of the church were replaced with stone.  A new altar and statues were also procured.  Vestments, chalices and other church utensils were purchased and donated by various societies.

            In 1858, the house west of the church was purchased for a parsonage.

            In 1860, the steeple was built and four bells were suspended in it.  The bells were considered to have voices so they were christened and given names.  The four-foot bell is named St. Joseph, the three-foot bell is named St. Ann, the 30-inch bell is named Maria Angela and the 18-inch bell is named Gabriel.

            In 1864, a large tracker pipe organ was purchased in Tiffin, Ohio. This organ was replaced in 1940 with the current pipe organ. With the changes instituted by Vatican II a second console was added in the late 90 at the front of the church to allow the organist to play from a position closer to the cantor. The pipes remain in the choir loft at the rear of the church and can be played either from the original console in the loft or the newer console in the front of the church.

            In 1888, the walls were frescoed, and new altars and a pulpit were added.  The glorious stained glass windows were purchased for, what today seems an incredible price of only $2,578.87.  In 1904, new pews replaced the much-worn old square pews.

            And so it went:  Electricity, central heat, lights.  All of this made the building what it is today.

            In 1993 the four Parishes of Jefferson County, St. Patrick, St Anthony, St. Mary, and St. Michael were combined to form one Catholic Community which we now call Prince of Peace Church.

            The Church is a reflection of the heart and soul of our Catholic Community.  Each of the stained glass windows depicts a gospel reading.  The Stone High altar tells of a time when the Priest celebrated the Mass in Latin with his back to the Congregation.  The Mass of today is celebrated in English at the front altar with the Priest facing the People. 

In 2016  the parish had a vision of a renewed building for our multitude to gather and worship Jesus. This new campaign was named, Steeple for the People, building today for tomorrow.  This campaign raised $2.4 million, ensuring future generations of a worship area that holds much history. Below is a list of accomplished goals in order of completion:


  • New sound system equipment
  • Moved high power lines on the west side of the church
  • New Heating and air conditioning systems. The boiler system and radiators were eliminated.


  • The steeple was removed from the church
  • Tuckpointing to the outside of the building
  • Window repair: Stained glass windows were taken from the east side of the church and sent to Minnesota where they were restored and cleaned. Once these returned to the church the west side was removed and the same process was completed.


  • Attic insulation was added.
  • Completed interior plastering and painting
  • Exterior painting of the church
  • Built and installed the new steeple
  • Installed a new Carillon System instead of bells


  • Replaced the roof
  • Interior lighting. New lights were purchased to match previously existing ones.
  • Built and installed the new steeple
  • A new reconciliation room was built
  • A new bathroom was constructed inside the church.
  • Pews were disassembled and repaired.
  • Original floors were refurbished: sanded, sealed
  • New carpet was installed
  • New crucifix commissioned for our parish from Italy
  • New Angel at the top of the high altar commissioned for our parish from Italy
  • Statues were refurbished and painted. They were taken to Michigan while their altars were refurbished as well.
  • Gold leaf was added to the altars
  • Seal coated and lined the parking lot with new parking bumpers added
  • Landscaping at the front of the church
  • New steps and removable handrails were added to the front of the church.
  • New front doors


  • New St. Michael statue was commissioned from Italy for our parish and placed on the high altar.
  • Stations of the cross were removed, taken to Michigan where extensive repairs were made, painted, and then returned to the church.
  • Nativity statues were removed, taken to Michigan where extensive repairs were made, painted, and then returned to the church just in time for Christmas.


  • Bathroom removed from the left sacristy
  • Sacristies on both sides were repaired, plastered, and painted
  • Sacristies received new carpet
  • New cabinets were added to both sacristies and shelving in the left sacristy

Future projects:

  • Pipe Organ
  • Remodel the rectory

We want to thank everyone who donated to the Steeple for the People campaign. It was a true labor of love by all those who were involved.

Our wish is that the newly remodeled space brings peace and love to not only our parishioners but visitors as well.