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Coming events
Dec. 3rd—Adoration
Nov. 9th—Memorial Mass.
Nov. 24th –End of Month meals
Dec. 3rd-First Friday Mass, Adoration
Dec. 4th-Bell-ringing Wal-Mart
Jan 30 –8:00 AM Corporate Communion

Meeting agenda is 6:30 PM Rosary, 7:00 Meeting. We need the spiritual
side as well as the practical.
Knight of the month is Jack Dalgleish,
Family of the month is Jim and Kaaren Tatera   
We thank you. This is what we’re here for.
Congrats to our new recruit, Garrett Leahigh  whose application was
accepted and approved at the short meeting in November.
We are still looking for a new treasurer. It isn’t very demanding, you
write 7-8 checks a year, take any receipts to the bank for deposit.
This pertains only to Council 934 funds not the Nor-Rose Lodge money.
If you would be interested in performing these duties, contact either
GK Greg Thorpe, ph. (812) 599-9848  or, FS Jack Dagleish, ph.
812-493-4119,  they will be glad to explain the job.

End of Month meals
Nov. 24, is the next meals program. Because of the holiday, meals will
be prepared at Pope John Cafeteria on Wednesday. Of course there will
be meal preparation starting on Monday evening.  Contact either Benny
Kelly 812-265-4399 or Mark Cheatham 812-801-1175 for information  if
you would like to help. Many hands make short work of the delivery
time spent.

Facebook Mass

For those of you that are home-bound I would suggest that you use the
computer and go to Facebook at to
watch the broadcast of the 10:00 AM Mass. We are grateful to David and
Maryrose for providing the expertise and dedication of putting this
service on the world wide web. We have visitors from all over the
world watching. We average close to 60 viewings per Sunday. That’s
just how many computers are using the streamed Mass and not
necessarily how many viewers are watching.

Corporate Communion

Our next CC is Jan. 30, 8:00 AM Mass.
Corporate Communions for 2022 will be
January 30th at 8 AM,
May 29th at 10 AM,
July 30th at 6 PM, and
October 30th at 8 AM.

Memorial Mass will be at 5:30 PM on November 8th, 2022

Volunteers needed.
December 4th we will once again be ringing the bells for the Salvation
Army at both entrances of Wal-Mart. Contact Jack Dalgleish at
(812)493-4119 if you can spare 1 hour of your time on that date..

Friday meals
Mike is continuing the Fri. meal program on the first two Fridays of
the month. I’ve noticed that the 2nd Friday is usually Bob Schafer’s
famous Swiss Steak.
All meals are complete with side dishes, desserts and non-alcoholic
drink.  The bar is open to obtain alcoholic beverages.

First Friday Mass is at 7:00 AM  Adoration starts right after Mass.
The holy hour of Adoration starts at 8:00 AM for the increase vocation
to religious life followed by Benediction at 9:00 AM. The Knights have
been doing this for over 30 years.  The includes prayers from a
booklet available when you come into Church. There is a lot of time
between  prayers for private adoration. If a Knight can not make it
for the Mass, they can come by 8 AM or a little later.
Memorial Mass
Memorial Mass was celebrated on November 9th at the 5:30 PM Mass. It
was not well-attended.

Fourth Degree
No answer to this question about our 4th Degree meeting to be a
husband-wife celebration of the season.
BTW, if you need to have a 4th degree Honor Guard, please request it
from Dave Carlow and ask for the traditional Cape, Chapeaux, Sword and
Tuxes. The reason is that they have changed HG  attire to a separate
Blazer, Pants, Beret and Sword. But if we are asked to wear the more
traditional Cape, Chapeaux. Sword, and Tuxes, how can we refuse.

No Meeting
There will be no council meeting in December. We will resume in January.

Supreme Council winter meeting

Knights of Columbus state deputies gathered in Nashville, Tenn., Nov.
5-7 for their semi-annual meeting. Speaking to leaders of nearly 70
jurisdictions, Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly encouraged them to grow in
faith, expand the Order’s membership, and advance the mission
estalished by Blessed Michael McGivney, founder of the Knights of
In addition to keynote addresses and special Masses, highlights of the
meeting included the launch of the Order’s new St. Joseph pilgrim icon
prayer program and the presentation of the St. Michael Award to four
Knights for exemplary service to the Order. The three-day meeting also
featured a panel discussion focused on Leading with Creative Courage,
and breakout sessions that addressed tropics like evangelization and
faith formation, membership growth, marketing and member experience.
In his address to state deputies Nov. 5, Supreme Knight Kelly reminded
them that Blessed Michael McGivney was “a man of action.” He added,
“Our Founder was not content to watch and lament the struggles of his
parishioners and community. He rose to meet those struggles head on —
decisively and courageously. By establishing the Knights of Columbus,
Father McGivney gave men a place to stand as brothers, bound together
in charity, unity and fraternity.”
Supreme Knight Kelly continued, “Let’s do what Blessed Michael
McGivney did in his time and form the Catholic men in our time. The
Knights of Columbus was made for this mission. Now, let’s fulfill it,
once again.”
The Supreme Knight also called on state deputies to grow deeper, as
men of faith, and broader, by expanding the Order’s membership. “A lot
of men, especially young men, are looking for meaning and answers. We
offer both — a life of service and a life of meaning. Don’t just
encourage men to adopt our initiatives; explain to them why our
initiatives matter, and how the Knights can help them be the kind of
men God is calling them to be,” he said.
Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore also
addressed the state deputies, saying, “Our debt to Father McGivney is
incalculable. ... Without him, countless Catholic men would have lost
their faith and countless families would have been set adrift. Because
of his holiness, barriers such as time, place, and culture dissolve.
He accompanies us on our journey of faith today, wherever we may be,
no less than he accompanied his 19th-century parishioners of St.
Mary’s in New Haven.”
Archbishop Lori added, “When we venerate Blessed McGivney throughout
our jurisdictions, we are inviting him to smile upon us from his place
in heaven, and more than that, we are inviting him to visit us in our
On Saturday, Nov. 6, Archbishop Lori celebrated a Votive Mass in honor
of St. Joseph. He drew from Scripture two important virtues in St.
Joseph’s life — his obedient faith and his trustworthiness — noting,
“These two virtues ought to stand out in us as Knights of Columbus,
and especially in us who are leaders among our brother Knights in the
Archbishop Lori said obedience of faith means that, due to the working
of God’s grace, “our hearts are repaired, cleansed, transformed and
fully attuned to God’s will, especially to God’s mysterious plan for
the redemption of the world.”
He added, “St. Joseph’s vocation to foster the earthly life of Jesus
is, of course, unique, but all of us have been called to the obedience
of faith. Father McGivney envisioned his Knights, above all, as men of
obedient faith, who, with their wives and children, would live their
vocation to the fullest.”
Regarding St. Joseph’s example of trustworthiness, Archbishop Lori
reminded Knights, “In choosing Joseph to care with a father’s love for
the Incarnate Son of God, the Eternal Father recognized in St. Joseph
a man of utmost integrity, a man who perhaps had no idea what God had
in mind for him but nonetheless went about his daily life and work
with honesty and reliability.”
In brief remarks following the Mass, Supreme Knight Kelly launched the
Order’s new pilgrim icon prayer program, inspired by Patris Corde, the
apostolic letter of Pope Francis announcing the Year of St. Joseph
that began Dec. 8, 2020. The prayer program features an icon of St.
Joseph holding the Christ Child from St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal.
Recalling his Oct. 25 meeting with Pope Francis in Rome, Supreme
Knight Kelly noted, “The Holy Father was grateful that we’ve made St.
Joseph a central focus of our spiritual efforts.”
Previously, Supreme Knight Kelly entrusted his tenure as Supreme
Knight to St. Joseph. In his introduction to the two-year pilgrim icon
program, the Supreme Knight encouraged Knights and their communities
to “turn in prayer to St. Joseph,” “give thanks to God for the gift of
his fatherly example and ask St. Joseph to be a father to us,” as we
seek to “grow in our own imitation of St. Joseph’s quiet strength,
integrity and fidelity.”
The St. Joseph icon is the latest sacred image to be featured in the
Knights of Columbus Pilgrim Prayer Program. Every few years, the
Supreme Council selects a sacred image that is particularly inspiring
to Knights and their families to be featured in the program. The icons
travel from council to council and serve as the centerpieces for
rosary-based prayer services in parishes around the world. Since its
inception in 1979, the program has held more than 174,800 local
council and parish prayer services with some 22 million participants.
Featured images have included Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of
Perpetual Help, Our Lady of Częstochowa, Our Lady of Pochaiv, Our Lady
of the Rosary, Our Lady of Charity, Our Lady Help of Persecuted
Christians and the Holy Family. For more information about the St.
Joseph Pilgrim Icon Program, Knights are encouraged to visit
During the meeting’s closing session on Nov. 7, Supreme Knight Kelly
honored four Knights with the St. Michael Award for exemplary service
to the Order. Receiving the St. Michael Award were Augustinian Father
John Grace, former director of chaplains for the Knights of Columbus;
Former Supreme Warden George W. Hanna; Supreme Master Dennis Stoddard;
and Col. Charles “Chuck” Gallina (USMC-Ret.), the supreme knight’s
advisor for military and veterans affairs.

Pray for
Pray for our servicemen and women, first responders and especially the
men and women of the hospitals who have put up such a fight for our

Bless the pharmaceutical industry for their speedy response to the
pandemic. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Please use your
mask when interacting with your friends.

Tim Catalano
Field Agent
Knights of Columbus
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Milan, IN 47031.

The website of the McGivney Guild is He has been elevated to
the title of Venerable so he is one step closer to Sainthood.
The Indiana State Council website is at
The website for the Supreme Council is:
The Prince of Peace website is at
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