St. Patrick Cemetery


St. Patrick’s Cemetery was purchased by Father Hyppolyte Dupontavice in 1848. According to St. Michael’s Parish History published in 1937, he administered the cemetery from St. Michael’s Church in downtown Madison. In earlier years few official burial records were kept by cemetery trustees. The records were kept by the Parish Priests and are written in Latin. Few records have been found. There are burial permits dating back to early 1900 located at the business office. In 1941 the DAR compiled a census of all the cemeteries in Jefferson County. In 2005, Janice Barnes, the Genealogy Librarian began three-year documentation of the cemetery. Ron Harmon began an Excel spreadsheet listing the folks who purchased the grave plots; work is ongoing to record who actually is buried in the plots. A map of the cemetery plots has been prepared which will help locate gravesites. This Cemetery was known as the “Irish Yard in the late 1800s. The earliest recorded grave is Caffey, John, Ireland, d. July 12, 1854.