St. Mary Magdalen Cemetery


St. Magdalen Cemetery can be seen just north of St. Patrick's Chapel on Madison's hilltop.
      The old St Magdalen Church out on the Jefferson Proving Ground stood where early graves were located. The ground was leveled, and a large cross was placed where the old cemetery was located. The cross still stands in the Big Oaks National Wild Life Refuge in memory of those buried there. This first St. Magdalen cemetery was started in Ripley County in the 1840's. Catherine Heck, Wife of Nicholas was the first buried in the new Cemetery on April 5, 1865. A new church was built in 1861in St. Magdalen Parish of German immigrants. This Church building was closed in 1941 when the Army took over the land. The Parish moved to New Marion and purchased an old bank building. The Parish flourished there until 2013 and then was merged with Prince of Peace Parish in Madison. The Archdiocese has managed the cemetery since 1941.
      Maria Yager Rohrman sister to Peter Yager was the only grave marker moved from the "Old Cemetery" to the new one established in 1861. The Army took control of the land in 1941 and moved the cemetery next to St. Patrick's Cemetery on State Street in Madison. St. Mary Magdalen Parish in New Marion merged into Prince of Peace in Madison effective December 1, 2013.
     A book written by Barbara Jachimiak on the history of the St. Magdalen Parish history can be found in the Jefferson County Historical Society 615 West First Street, Madison.